Xhorse VVDI Mini Prog Chip Programmer Set | WIFI Version (Supports iOS & Android)

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The Xhorse Mini Prog Chip Programmer is the solution to reprogramming chipsets without the need for removing the chipset from the board. Designed to be portable, this device will allow you to program chips on the go, giving you the ability to work on the go. The three different pin head adapters can easily be switched out to read and write different chips, as well as using the EEPROM board in order to complete the work with ease, no matter the job. With a built-in smart screen, you will be able to clearly see the status of the tool in real-time. Support reading and writing 24C××, 93C××,95×××, 25××× and more EEPROM data, Covering 95% of common EEPROM on the market.

Functions & Features:

  • Directly read & write data without soldering
  • Support reading & writing EEPROM data
  • Support reading & writing ECU data
  • Accurately identify the pin connection status
  • Support repair of multiple modules
  • Connect to the APP via WiFi or Bluetooth; Connect to your smartphone (Android, IOS)
  • Support data local & cloud storage
  • Battery-powered device; Easy to use

Advantages of Xhorse MINI PROG:

                                             XHORSE MINI PROG                                           Other Programming Devices
Connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi. To enhance the working efficiency and reduce communication failures. Connect to the computer via USB cable. You might easily get a vehicle breakdown due to the bad contact caused by the USB cable port.
Support reading chip data without soldering. Solder to PCB, which may lead to car breakdown or data loss if you are not good at soldering.
No need to dismantle the device or cut the wire. A user-friendly device for both green hands and experts. Improper dismantling or cutting may increase the risk of car breakdown.
Support pin detection and report when it detects any problems. Largely avoid data loss. Unable to check the status of pins and data loss may be easily caused due to solder skips.
Read & write most 8-pin ic chip data via its 3 pin headers directly without adapters. Adapter needed and you need to spend a lot on buying all types of adapters.
Support multi-module reading & writing, such as EEPROM, ECU, etc. With this device, you can solve most of problems you encounter at work. Support reading & writing a few modules only. You need to buy many devices to satisfy the needs of work.
Support data local & cloud storage, avoiding data loss due to mis-operation. Data loss may arise due to a lack of cloud storage.
Built-in battery ensures working without USB cables, saving a lot of trouble when you work outside. Inconvenient to work outside with USB cable.
Provide professional technical backup. Problems can be resolved on Xhorse App directly by Xhorse technicians. You can only seek help from the product dealer.

Xhorse Mini Prog Working Interfaces:

  • You don’t need to carry a computer or other devices anymore when working. What you need is only a mobile phone!
  • Download Xhorse application in APP store and find MINI PROG, then start working, for both iOS and Android systems.
  • The working interfaces are as above. As a common advantage of all Xhorse products, you will be instructed for every step. Each step such as reading or writing can be finished on your phone.
  • What’s more, you can directly resort to Xhorse technicians on Xhorse APP if you encounter any problems.


  • From the perspective of “simpleness” and the concept of “convenience”, MINI PROG is created based on independent R & D by Xhorse researchers. Different from most heavy square programming devices in the market, MINI PROG features a cylinder-shaped appearance and lightweight. Ergonomically design of MINI PROG ensures that it’s more convenient and comfortable to carry and use in work. It is a combination of both innovation, technology, and design.

Optional Adapters:

  • MINI PROG supports optional adapters on VOLVO(KVM), BMW(CAS4), PORSCHE(BCM), LANDROVER(KVM) and more.

Xhorse Mini Prog VVDI

Product Specifications:

  • Smart App control
  • WiFi Bluetooth
  • Capacity: 2550mAh
  • Normal working hour: >5H
  • Standby Time: >5D
  • Recharging current: 1500mAh

Kit Contains:

  1. Xhorse Mini Prog
  2. 3x pin Head Connector
    • Pin Header 1 supports reading DIP8 chip
    • Pin Header 2 supports reading SOP8 wide-type package chip
    • Pin Header 3 supports reading SOP8 standard package chip
  3. 4x Grinding Pins
  4. DB15 Cable
  5. EEPROM Adapter
  6. USB Cable

Optional extras

Looking for a specific adapter kit for a more specialized job? We have a wide variety of adapter chips for the Mini Prog available to purchase separately.



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