Autel MaxiCheck MX808 | Diagnostic Scanner & Service Tool (2 year FREE updates)

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Autel MaxiCheck MX808 User Manual

Why autosupply?

  • 7-day Money-Back Guarantee // Local Warranty & Support // FREE updates
  • Official African Autel Dealer
  • Please be aware that Autel has IP blocks for grey imported units, they will not work locally!

2-Year Free Updates (Promotion)

Globally Autel only provides 1 year of free updates in other countries…

Why is it important for most of our customers to keep their software updated?
  • The core function of a diagnostic machine is to test certain makes & models to help reveal problems
  • When you buy a diagnostic machine, one of the most important things to know is the coverage and functionality required

This will have a direct effect on the update cost (as this is directly related to the ongoing development of new coverage and improved functions)

  • That is why it is important to rather buy from a specialist diagnostic brand that will guarantee this (Autel has over 500 engineers globally continuously working on software).
  • It is also important to remember that updates are not just improvements for new models, but also updates based on improvements from data logs (the method customers give feedback when they have issues).
Why are some update fee's more expensive than others?

Depending on the brand (amount of engineers and effort towards updates), coverage and functionality.

The 2-year free software update promotion for the MX808:
  • Globally Autel provides 1 year of free updates to all their dealers in other countries…
  • autosupply has negotiated to make this 2 years for FREE (only to clients located in Africa)

For example: After 2 years, you could still use the machine for an additional 1 or 2 year period and then consider updating (or never update again – depends on your need for the latest models and functions)

There will be no penalty or catchup fees like other diagnostic brands

  • As an example -> Even after 5 years with no updates, when you pay for your update you get caught up to all the latest software.

Local Support & Warranty

  • If you have any issues – Immediate service/replacement units (we don’t leave you with downtime)
  • Dedicated support staff to assist you with any technical issues (direct contact with Autel engineers)
  • “Autel Africa WhatsApp Group” with all our support staff & over 200 other users throughout Africa.

Main Functions

  • Read fault codes & provides a description
  • Clear fault codes & warning lights (e.g. airbag, ABS, engine light etc)
  • Service functions – interval light / oil reset light / EPB / injectors etc
  • Access to live data streams (oxygen sensor rich/lean indication, coolant temperature, mass air flow etc)


• Powertrain System- Read / Test / Clear trouble codes all modules
• Body System – Read / Test / Clear trouble codes all modules
• Chassis System- Read / Test / Clear trouble codes all modules
• Info & Communication- Read / Test / Clear trouble codes all modules
• Auto VIN Detection
• Auto Scan all major systems
• Live Data to test individual systems
• Communicate with door modules, body controllers, electronic modules
• Support all OBDII protocols and 10 test modes including Freeze Frame, Enhanced Mode 6, Vehicle Info, I/M Readiness, On-Board Monitor and Component Tests
• Graph, record and playback freeze frame data

Service Functions

  • Oil Reset Service
  • EPB Service (Electronic Parking Brake)
  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • SAS Service (Steering Angle Sensor)
  • DPF Service (Diesel Particulate Filter)
  • TPMS Service (Tire Pressure Monitor System)
  • IMMO Service (Immobilizer)
  • Brake Bleed
  • Injector
  • Throttle
  • Seats

Vehicle Coverage and Function?

This unit will cover nearly all manufactures in the South African market.

For detailed info, please see click here

  • Select the tool, such as MX808, and click the search button.

Autel MX808 vs Autel MD808 Pro vs Autel DS808

  • The MX808 has similar diagnostic software to the MD808 Pro, but more services functions.
  • The MX808 is a tablet, so it is easy to update (simply log onto wifi and update, MD808 you need to remove the memory card and use it with a laptop).
  • The MX808 has a shop manager to view full history of all your scans with an easy option to email or print to the client. The MD808 pro, does not have this.

The difference between the MX808 and the DS808, is that the MX808 does not have coding / special functions. So if all you want is to read and clear fault codes with service functions, this is your unit!

Why autosupply ?

Our mission is to source high-quality products at competitive prices

Why autosupply ?

Our mission is to source
high-quality products at competitive prices
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Ruan v.

I ordered the Diagnostic machine on Friday, and they delivered the machine on Monday. Quickest Delivery that I ever got. All the way from Cape town to Pretoria. Thanks

Kedrick M.

It's funtastic. Still getting to grips on how to use it. So far so good. Thanks guys

Tebogo M.
Excellent service

Bought MX808.Was worried about this online thing,but because of distance I did it and am still amazed at the level of service this guys offer.Your service is excellent!

Moses M.

Does not have 2019 on wards model programs having Capture Renault doesn't

Hannes V.



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