10 things you should consider keeping in your car at all times.

Whether you are going on a road trip, or commuting to work or even just driving around town. It’s always important to know that you have some basic tools/supplies that you can rely on without needing any professional assistance to keep you going when needed.

Today we are going to share a list of items that can be very handy in your time of need Be sure to keep the following items on-board:

1. Jump starter & Jumper cables

Dead batteries are just as unpredictable as flat tyres, it is one of the most common automotive malfunctions. They catch you off-guard and can be due to an old faulty battery or just a simple mistake such as leaving your lights on for too long.

2. Tyre Inflator

Tyre inflator should also be part of your emergency tool that you should keep in your vehicle at all times. You might find out that your spare tyre actually wasn’t fully inflated and you are far away from any tyre repair shops or petrol station.

3. Flashlight

You might not need it every day, flashlights can be crucial when you least expect it, they can be very handy when it comes to locating something dropped inside or outside your car in the dark. It can also be used as a constant light source when repairing something on your car when it is dark out and can serve as an emergency light for oncoming traffic if you have to stop on the road for repairs.

4. Spare Tyre

Another common automotive malfunction is having a flat tire. One in ten people often experience it, and one of the best things you can do for yourself is to always make sure that you have a good spare tyre in your vehicle that you could rely on in case of emergency. Check your spare tyre often to make sure that the tyre is inflated and in good condition.

5. Fire extinguisher

You never know when you might need it. Fire is unpredictable.  They can be caused by things such as engine overheating, short circuit wire connection, or oil spilling on the wrong part. Fire extinguishers can help prevent the fire from spreading and possibly engulfing the whole car.

6. Duct Tape

The jack of all trades, duct tape can be used for almost everything, from taping a broken mirror, to helping secure a broken door until you can get it repaired.

7. Zip Ties

 There is always a need for zip ties, like duct tape they help hold things together, you might even be surprised how strong these plastic little things are.

8. First aid-kit

One of the most important things to keep in your vehicle at all times is a first-aid kit. They are often equipped with a lot of medical supplies, but we recommend that you choose one that’s equipped with a variety of bandages, tweezers, surgical tape, antibiotic ointment, cleaning wipes, burns cream, and a good antiseptic.

9. Rags & Wipes

In your vehicle to wipe slipped liquid inside your car or inside your windshield when it’s foggy. A clean rag or wet wipes can also help you wipe oil or transmission dipsticks or clean your hands after working on your car on the road before climbing inside again.

10. Basic Car Tools

It is always necessary to keep some basic tools that can help you perform a basic on the road repair without stress or needing professional assistance. Some basic car tools may include: a jack, a couple of screwdrivers, a couple of spanners, a plier, and a wheel nut wrench.

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