Autel G-Box 3 Tool | Mercedes Benz Key Programming (Addon for IM608 / IM508 + XP400)

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Autel G-Box Accessory Tool


The Autel G-BOX3 is the latest advancement in key programming technology, serving as an essential tool for automotive professionals. This advanced adapter is designed to work seamlessly with Autel’s MaxiIM series, specifically theIM608/IM608 Pro/II & IM508 (when paired with the XP400). It enhances the efficiency and security of programming keys, especially in All Keys Lost scenarios for Mercedes-Benz, and supports a wide range of functions including reading and writing for Bosch EDC17, MEx17, MD1, and MG1 engine control units (ECUs). With its capability for on-vehicle and on-bench Fast Mode, the G-BOX3 significantly accelerates the process, making it an invaluable asset for automotive locksmiths and technicians.

Key Features:

Enhanced Compatibility: Works with Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro, IM608, and IM508 (requires XP400Pro).
All Keys Lost Solution: Optimized for Mercedes-Benz DAS3 CAN EIS/EXS vehicles, facilitating faster password calculations by 4x to 8x.
ECU Support: Advanced reading and writing capabilities for Bosch ECU models including MD1, MG1, EDC17, and MEx17 across various brands (VAG, BMW, PSA, OPEL, etc.).
BMW Support: Enables DME/DDE ISN reading and writing in Boot Mode or Bench Method for a comprehensive range of BMW vehicles.
Fast and Secure: Engineered for rapid and secure operations, reducing the time and complexity involved in key programming tasks.
Comprehensive Package: Includes all necessary connections such as cables, fuse connectors, and CAN line connectors for immediate use.


Unique to the G-Box3

The Autel G-BOX3 is faster and more secure it also sets itself apart with its unparalleled capability for engine ECU reading/writing for Bosch MD1/MG1 across multiple brands (VAG, BMW, PSA, OPEL, etc.), a feature not available with its predecessor, the G-Box2. This makes it a pivotal tool for modern automotive diagnostics and key programming.


The Autel G-BOX3 is a cutting-edge key programming adapter designed to enhance the capabilities of Autel’s MaxiIM series tablets for automotive professionals focusing on Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles. With its robust support for All Keys Lost scenarios, faster password calculation, and extensive ECU compatibility, the G-BOX3 is engineered to streamline the key programming process, making it faster, more secure, and more efficient. Whether on the bench or in the field, the G-BOX3 ensures that automotive professionals have the technology they need to meet the demands of modern key programming with confidence and precision.



  1. DC Port – Provides +12V DC power supply.
  2. CAN-H Port – Universal CAN bus interface, connects with OBDII Pin6
  3. K1 Port – Universal K-Line interface, connects with OBDII Pin1
  4. Status Indicator – Indicates the current operating status
  5. Relay Ports – Connect with dedicated relay cables
  6. +12V Power Port – Universal power input/ output port
  7. OBDII Connector – Connects to the vehicle’s OBDII directly or via a dedicated extension cable
  8. OBDII Female Connector – Connects to the main cable of Autel diagnostic tablet
  9. CAN-L Port – Universal CAN Bus interface, connects with OBDII Pin14
  10. K7 Port – Universal K-Line interface, connects with OBDII Pin7
  11. GND Port – Universal power input/ output port
  12. DB15 Port – Used with dedicated DB15 cable for reading and writing multiple types of ECUs

Troubles and Troubleshooting:

When all the keys of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle are lost, you can operate through the OBD.


This method is suitable for Mercedes-Benz W204, W207, W216, and W164 EISs after the year 2009.


Difference Between GBOX2 & GBOX3

Features G-Box 2 G-Box 3
Faster password calculation for Benz All Key Lost Yes Yes
8X times faster password calculation for W172, W204, W207 Yes Yes
4X times faster password calculation for W209, W211 Yes Yes
No more repeated insertions and removals of IR simulator for 10 types of EIS Yes Yes
Passport reading for 9 type EIS when all keys lost on vehicle Yes Yes
BMW DME/DDE ISN reading for 20 types (EDC17, MEVD17, MSV90, MSD87, etc) Yes Yes
VAG ECM IMMO data reading & data synchronization for 18 types (MQB EDC17, MED17, etc) Yes Yes
XP400 Pro may be required for certain functions Yes Yes
Engine ECU reading/writing for BOSCH MD1/MG1(VAG,BMW,PSA,OPEL,etc) No Yes


How does Autel G-Box Work?

A. OBDII Operation When All Keys of Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Are Lost

(This method is suitable for Mercedes-Benz W204 , W207, W216 and W164 EISs after the year 2009)

  • 1. Connect the G-Box to vehicles’s OBDII
  • 2. Remove the fuse of vehicle EIS, Connect the Relay ports to the fuse using the supplied fuse cable
  • 3. When the vehicle has an ELV, connect the K7 port and ELV plug using the supplied K-line cable
  • 4. Connect the G-Box to the Autel Diagnostic Tablet

B. Desktop Operation When All Keys of Mercedes-Benz Vehicle are Lost

(This Method is suitable for all Mercedes-Benz EISs that are already supported by Autel Diagnostic Tablet.)

  • 1. Connect the G-Box to the Mercedes-Benz EIS using the supplied DB15 Cable
  • 2. Connect to the DC port of G-Box using a power adapter (DV 12V)
  • 3. Connect the G-Box to the Autel Diagnostic Tablet

Autel G Box Package Content:

– 1 x Autel MaxiIM G-BOX3
– 1 x DB15 Cable
– 1 x K-Line Cable
– 1 x Fuse Cable
– 2 x Fuse (5A)
– 2 x Clamp Cables
– 1 x OBDII Extension Cable
– 1 x Quick Reference Guide

Weight 0.741 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 9 × 14.5 cm
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