Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI Diagnostics With The Autel MS909

Modern cars are filled with electronic components and modules, which can often result to be quite challenging to repair when some of those components fail. To help with the repair process, especially on a professional level, one needs a capable machine that can do it all. we are talking, about a full scan of all the available modules, describing the faults and helping pinpoint their locations while eliminating the need of external hardware.

In this article, we are going to showcase some of the key features and functions of the Autel MS909, using a 2011 Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI as our vehicle of choice.

Quick introduction to the Autel MS909

The Autel MS909 is a powerful industry-leading all-system car diagnostic scanner used by professional technicians as well as workshops.
It comes packed with functions from simple diagnostics to complex programming. 

It features over 39 service functions and covers up to 90% of vehicle manufacturers worldwide from 1996 and upwards. It also comes with two years of free software updates as well as a one-year warranty

What’s in the kit ? Autel MS909

1x hard shell Autel carrying case

1x MS909 Tablet

1x USB V2 Data Cable

1x Clipping Cable

1x AC/DC power adaptor

2x spare fuses

1x 12V Cigarette lighter adaptor cable, as well as the owner’s manual and packing list

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Getting Started

To begin, make sure that your vehicle is secured and parked.

  • Locate the OBD port of the vehicle, which in this case it’s underneath the steering column.
  • Proceed to Insert the VCI’s OBD cable into the designated DLC (Diagnostic Link Connector) also known as the OBDII port. Wait a few seconds for the light on VCI to flash, along with a beep sound from the tablet, this will indicate that the machine is properly connected and is ready for use.
  • Turn the car ignition onto the ON position, but do not start. This will allow the MS909 VCI to connect to the vehicle’s system.

With the help of the auto VIN function, carefully select all the necessary information about your vehicle after the machine has automatically detected your vehicle’s VIN.

If the Auto VIN detection fails, manually insert your vehicle’s VIN by selecting the manual function. As the Auto VIN detection function is not always available on all vehicles.

Full system scan and Topology Mapping

Begin by performing a full system scan of the vehicle by using the Auto-scan function on the Function’s main menu. the machine will begin to automatically scan all the available modules in the vehicle.


Note; this process may take a bit longer because the machine will scan all the modules available on the vehicle. So, please be patient.


During the automatic scan of the modules, you will see something that looks a bit different than what you are familiar with on other Autel Diagnostics System tools  This is called Topology Mapping.

Autel MS909 Service Diagnostics

Topology Mapping

Topology mapping is an exclusive and innovative feature of the Autel MaxiSys Diagnostics machines such as the MS909, MS919, and Ultra. The term Topology is used to describe the layout, design, and behavior of the data bus configurations. The map shows the various modules available in the vehicle.

The topology map uses a color coding method to signify the current status of the module during and after the diagnostics scan.

Green: No fault, passed

Blue: Scanning

Orange: Faulty

Grey: “Module not available”

Autel MS909 Topology map

Intelligent Diagnostics

The Autel MS909 boasts a brilliant diagnostics function called “Intelligent Diagnostics”. This function helps in providing in-depth information about the fault code, a brief description, possible causes/influences, and solutions to help with the repair.

To use this function, you will have to select the faulty module “module highlighted orange on the topology map”

In our case, the ECM module appeared to have two faults, a Fuel pressure sensor Malfunction and Fuel trim Bank 1 too rich.

To obtain the intelligent diagnosis of these faults, tap on the paper and wrench icon next to the fault code or “intelligent diagnostic at the bottom of the screen”. You can then go on by selecting DTC analysis, where you will be provided with all the available information for that particular fault.

Autel MS909 Intelligent Diagnostics

After completing all necessary repairs, we will proceed to erase codes to get them off the topology map.


Press the “Quick erase” button.

The icon will go back and do a test just on that specific sensor or module. It’s not going to go back and read every single one of them again. The icon of the scanned module will turn green, which will indicate that the repair has been properly done.

Live Actuation

Amongst many of its special functions, the Autel MS909 processes capabilities to perform live actuation to certain parts of the vehicle, such as headlights, radiator fans, fuel injectors, and more. 

For demonstration, here are some steps to perform live actuation on the newly installed headlights on the Golf 6 GTI. To perform an actuation test, A full system diagnostic scan needs to be completed to allow easy access to each module of the vehicle.

From the function menu, select “Active test”

Follow the instruction as displayed on the screen, and confirm that you want to carry on with the actuation test.

  • proceed to the selective active test, where you’ll find various active tests you can perform on your vehicle.
  • Continue by selecting the LAMP test. Then press “start” to begin with the active lamp test.
  • If this works correctly, you will notice the hazards, headlights, taillights, as well as reverse light, will all illuminate instantly.
Autel MS909 Active Test

Note: The selective active test will all depend on the available modules installed in your vehicle.

Report Printing

To keep track of your servicing/diagnostics tasks, it is always important to have a report of each test performed on the vehicle, this can be used for numerous reasons such as keeping track of the fault discovered or cleared or even of the parts replaced on the vehicle.

To print your latest diagnostic report you will need to 

  • Select data manager, on the main menu, then tap on “report” where you will find the latest diagnostic scan report of the vehicle scanned.
  • Click on the report you would like to access, then pat on “view local report” (this report can be saved both on the machine and cloud)
Autel MS909 Report Printing

Once you have accessed the local report, you will find a PDF format of the reports that shows all the faults and errors discovered during the scan.


To print the report, tap on the share icon located at the bottom middle of the screen, then tap on print. You can then select your wireless printer that is connected to the same wifi network as the tablet.

The report can also be directly emailed to the customer from the tablet by tapping on the Mail icon.

We hope that this article has been insightful and has provided you with enough information on some of the key features and functions available on the Autel MS909.

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