Konnwei RC-10 12V/24V Smart Battery Charger & Pulse Repair Tool

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KONNWEI RC-10: The Ultimate 12V/24V Smart Battery Charger & Repair Tool—Your All-in-One Battery Solution!



🌟 Quick-Charge Technology

Speed matters! With the KONNWEI RC-10’s 10-Amp rapid charger for 12V and 5-Amp for 24V, you’ll experience charging speeds far superior to standard 8-Amp or 5-Amp chargers. This is the ultimate solution for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, and other battery-operated machinery.


💪 Ultra-Safe Charging

Sleep soundly, knowing your battery is in good hands! Our smart control technology adjusts for temperature variances—no overcharging in hot climates, no undercharging in cold ones. With reverse protection, an advanced cooling system, fireproof material, and additional safety features, your battery will charge safely and efficiently.


🔄 High-Efficiency Pulse Repair

Revive your old batteries! The RC-10 detects sulfation and acid stratification, deploying pulse repair functions to restore battery performance. You’ll get stronger engine starts and a longer battery lifespan. (Note: Cannot activate or charge completely dead batteries.)


📺 Crystal Clear LCD Display

Stay informed with our large, easy-to-read LCD display that shows critical charging and battery status details. You’ll see charge voltage and current, internal temperature, charge percentage, and even seasonal modes.


🔌 Plug, Charge & Relax

No manual? No problem! It’s plug-and-play. Simply connect and let the KONNWEI RC-10 work its magic. This is your all-in-one solution as a battery charger, maintainer, trickle charger, and battery desulfator. It’s a must-have for every garage!


🔋 Float/Trickle Charge Mode

Keep your batteries fully charged throughout the winter with our simple two-step process. Just select the appropriate battery type and switch to “Motorcycle” mode for automated trickle charging. A game-changer for long-term battery maintenance.


🌐 Versatile Compatibility

From 4AH to 150AH, the RC-10 handles all types of lead-acid batteries including Flooded, GEL, AGM, and even Lithium batteries. With 12V 10A and 24V 5A output, it’s a universal tool for all your battery charging needs.


🚗 All-Around Battery Tester

Beyond charging, the RC-10 also tests your vehicle’s entire charging system including the generator and rectifier, helping to prevent overcharging or undercharging, thus extending battery life and performance.



📦 What’s in the Box?

  • KONNWEI RC-10 Battery Charger & Repair Tool
  • Multi-Language User Manual
  • Charging Cable (3 Plug Choices: EU, USA, UK)
  • Premium Retail Box

⚙️ Technical Specifications

  • AC Input: 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 12V & 24V
  • Output Current: 10A & 5A
  • Charging Capacity Range: 4AH-150AH
  • Cooling: Fan
  • And much more…

🛠️ Simple Operation

  1. Connect red clamp to positive, black to negative.
  2. Plug into a 110-230V A/C supply.
  3. Select your charging option and let the charger do the rest!
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