Bosch 410mm / 16″ Wiper Blade (Eco) – B130 (Double Blade)

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Brand: Bosch

Range: ECO

Dimensions: 410mm / 16″

Product codes: 3397005281 / B130

Fitting type: Quick Clip (easy-fit) includes the clip

This is a double blade unit

Wiper Compatibility List

Vehicle Year From Year To (Driver) (Passenger)
Aisa Motors Towner 1993 2003 B130 B130
Chevrolet A 10 / C10 . D10 1967 1995 B130 B130
Chevrolet A 20 / A 40 / C 20 / D 20 1985 1997 B130 B130
Chevrolet Blazer 1986 1994 B130 B130
Chevrolet Caravan 1975 1992 B130 B130
Chevrolet Cavalier 1981 1989 B130 B130
Chevrolet Chevette / Hacth 1974 1994 B130 B130
Chevrolet Chevy 500 1982 1992 B130 B130
Chevrolet Opala / Comodoro / Diplomata 1968 1992 B130 B130
Chevrolet S10 1981 1993 B130 B130
Chevrolet Sprint 1987 1996 B130 B130
Chevrolet Tropper 1982 1996 B130 B130
Chrysler Dart 1968 1981 B130 B130
Daewoo Damas 1991 2002 B130 B130
Daewoo Tico 1991 2005 B130 B130
Daihatsu Rock 1984 2002 B130 B130
Fiat 147 / Spazio 1976 1987 B130 B130
Fiat Fiorino Furgao / Pick-up 1981 1988 B130 B130
Fiat Oggi 1983 1987 B130 B130
Fiat Panorama 1980 1986 B130 B130
Ford Belina 1968 1991 B130 B130
Ford Del Rey 1981 1991 B130 B130
Ford F 100 / F 600 / F 1000 1977 1992 B130 B130
Ford Fairmont 1976 1983 B130 B130
Ford Maverick 1975 1985 B130 B130
Ford Mustang 1979 1993 B130 B130
Ford Pampa 1983 1997 B130 B130
GMC 6-100 / 6-150 1996 2001 B130 B130
Kia Ceres / K2400 1992 1997 B130 B130
Mazda Pick-Up B 2200 1990 1995 B130 B130
Mercdes-Benz G 320 1997 2006 B130 B130
Mercedes-Benz G 55 2005 2011 B130 B130
Mitsubishi Cordia 1986 1988 B130 B130
Mitsubishi Montero 1988 1991 B130 B130
Mitsubishi Tredia 1986 1987 B130 B130
Nissan Datsun 1978 1985 B130 B130
VW Combi7Gacel 1983 1993 B130 B130
VW Gol 1980 1994 B130 B130
VW Jetta 1980 1992 B130 B130
VW Kombi 1967 2013 B130 B130
VW Parati I 1982 1995 B130 B130
VW Passat I 1974 1989 B130 B130
VW Saverio 1982 1997 B130 B130
VW Senda 1989 1997 B130 B130
VW Voyage 1981 1995 B130 B130
Volvo N10 / N12 / NL10 / NL12 1981 2010+ B130 B130


ECO Range

ECO: Maximum performance flat wiper blades

Wiper blades from Bosch can be relied on for perfect wiper action, even under extremely adverse weather conditions. The motorists’ choice for best visibility and maximum safety.

ECO advantages at a glance

  • High wiping performance for safe driving.
  • 50% increase in wiping performance versus refill replacement. Precision-cut natural rubber wiping edge.
  • Full metal frame construction.
  • Easier to fit than refills due to the patented Quick-Clip connector system.

When should you get new wiper blades?

This depends on how often you use your windscreen wipers and the different conditions your car is exposed to. Rubber deteriorates in hot, cold, wet or dry weather, so we recommend changing your wipers every 12 months, or if you experience any of the following:

  • Juddering on the screen
  • Noise or squeaking across both dry and wet screens
  • The blade feels worn down or has notches when you run a finger down it
  • Your blade leaves streaks or unwiped areas on the windscreen

How to fit wiper blades

Step One: Lift up your wiper arm from the screen
Step Two: Unclip the old wiper blade, either by sliding the blade out of the clip system or pulling it gently off the arm. Be very careful not to let the arm snap back onto the windscreen, as this could cause damage.
Step Three: Clip your new wiper blade onto the arm, taking care to ensure there’s a firm ‘clicking’ noise or feeling. Give it a wiggle to make sure it’s secure.
Step Four: Replace the arm and blade slowly onto the windscreen. If it doesn’t look straight, or the whole blade doesn’t sit on the glass, then it hasn’t been fitted correctly. Repeat the process for the other three (or more) wiper blades on your car.

Weight 0.929 kg
Dimensions 76 × 8 × 17 cm
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